/ 26 February 2021

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The final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety to be handed to the Governor-General

Adelaide Festival starts (on until 14 March)

Enlighten Festival begins in Canberra (on until 14 March)

Birthdays for former Kiwi PM Helen Clark (1950) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (1954)

Anniversary of:
• the birthdays of Victor Hugo (1802), Levi Strauss (1829), John Harvey Kellogg (1852), Fats Domino (1928) and Johnny Cash (1932)
• the first known European landing in Australia by Dutch navigator Willem Jansz at Cape York (1606)
• P&O’s SS Ceylon beginning the world’s first round-the-world pleasure cruise from Liverpool (1881)
• the infamous Oscars mixup with La La Land mistakenly awarded best film instead of Moonlight (2017)
• Cardinal George Pell being convicted of child sexual abuse in Melbourne, Australia – his conviction was overturned on appeal (2019)

International Polar Bear Day

World NGO Day

Anniversary of:
• the world’s first women’s magazine Ladies’ Mercury published in London (1693)
• the discovery of carbon-14 (radiocarbon dating) at the University of California Radiation Laboratory (1940)
• General Hafez al-Assad becoming head of Syria via military coup starting the family’s rule over the country (1969)

Rare Disease Day

Anniversary of:
• Francis Crick and James Watson discovering the chemical structure of DNA-molecule (1953)
• the end of the Gulf War after Iraq accepts a ceasefire following their retreat from Kuwait (1991)

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