/ 31 May 2021

Squiz the Day

Reconciliation Day public holiday (ACT)

Trans-Tasman talks between PMs Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern – Queenstown, NZ

Start of the French Open (on until 13 June) – Roland Garros

World No Tobacco Day

Birthdays for Clint Eastwood (1930), Brooke Shields (1965) and Colin Farrell (1976)

Anniversary of:
• explorers Lawson, Blaxland and Wentworth marking the end of a route across the Blue Mountains, allowing colonial expansion into Western NSW (1813)
• Dr John Harvey Kellogg patenting “flaked cereal” (1884)
• the world’s oldest bride Minnie Munro (102yo) married Dudley Reid (83yo) in Point Clare, NSW (1991)
• Psy’s Gangnam Style becoming the first video to reach 2 billion views on YouTube (2014)

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