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The reason The Squiz has found a place in this busy media world is because our subscribers have shared it with their people. 

Enter Squizheads. In Squiz HQ, a subscriber who is great at spreading the word about us is affectionately known as a Squizhead. And as a way of saying thank you, when three of your referrals sign up, you’ll unlock access to The Saturday Squiz.

The Saturday what-now?
The Saturday Squiz is a weekend email, just for Squizheads. During the week we come across a lot of interesting things as we put The Squiz Today together, and The Saturday Squiz is where we put the best of the rest of the things that don’t quite fit into your weekday update. 

We’re talking about long-read articles, social media bits and bobs that tickle our funny bone, recipes we’re trying, books we’re reading… you get the gist. And there’s some news analysis and a look at what’s happening in the week ahead.

How does it work?
Easy peasy. Hit that blue ‘Invite Friends’ button every time you see it in the email and share, share, share. 

When you do that, it will take you to a page that makes it easy to invite people via email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, and LinkedIn. Or you can add your friends’ email addresses in the fields on the page and we’ll send the message for you. 

But long story short, hitting that button will generate a unique referral code, so we’ll know it was you who we need to credit for your good work.

So get on it. And if you have any questions, drop us a line at [email protected].

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