/ 28 April 2021

Apple gets sweet on privacy

Advertisers’ ability to specifically target Apple iPhone and iPad users based on their search history (or conversations…) is set to be disturbed after the company unveiled one of its most anticipated software updates yet. The iOS 14.5 update includes a new privacy tool called App Tracking Transparency, and it provides users with the option to choose whether or not they want their online activities to be monitored. After installation, users will start getting a pop-up window when they open some apps. Note to self: don’t mindlessly dismiss it – it’s your device asking if you want to give the app consent to track your activity. And by ‘app’, it’s targeted at the likes of Facebook, which slammed the new feature on behalf of small businesses. Privacy advocates say Facebook, which sells users’ data to advertisers, is worried about the threat to its business model. And if getting tough on data isn’t enough of a drawcard, there’s more than 200 new emojis waiting for you…

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