/ 27 September 2023

Don’t leave a message at the tone


Telecommunications have come a long way since battling the family for the landline was an everyday experience. Now that smartphones are all the rage, phone etiquette has changed, and The Washington Post consulted an expert and people of all ages on their pet phone peeves. At the top of the list were voicemails, which many reckon have become redundant in the text message age. Unless it’s an audio-specific message like a special rendition of ‘happy birthday’, respondents say to keep it to a text. Another grievance many shared was receiving a phone call without warning – they said they’d prefer to be texted first to find a good time to chat. That’s especially true for video calls… Calling/texting again immediately after the recipient doesn’t respond is another bugbear, as are people who use speakerphone in public. Note: the rules don’t apply to your nearest and dearest who get to terrorise you however and whenever they like… 

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