/ 18 March 2022

New emojis to improve your chat game


Because today we’ve demonstrated we need to mix it up… It’s that time of year again – Apple has released 37 new emojis as part of its latest iOS 15.4 update, and there are some pearlers. There are a few new hand gestures, including an Uncle Sam-inspired pointing finger and the iconic hands shaped into a heart symbol. And there’s a disco ball, a pregnant man, and – much to the internet’s delight – an actual troll emoji. On the more obscure side of things, it looks like the tech giant has responded to longstanding calls for a kidney bean emoji after 1,931 bean enthusiasts signed a change.org petition back in 2020. And of course, there are plenty of new smileys to pick from, including a salute and one crying happy tears. We have a feeling this melting face emoji is going to be popping up everywhere… Still, there’s no white wine emoji – and you know what emoji we want to use to express our frustration about that…

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