/ 04 May 2021

Taking a bite out of Apple

The way Apple’s lucrative App Store is run could change if a court challenge against the tech behemoth giant is successful. The trial, which kicked off overnight in the US, is spearheaded by Epic Games, the company behind the popular video game Fortnite. Apple has strict rules software makers must follow if they are to feature their products in the Apple store – and the big fruit takes 30% of revenue collected. A showdown ensued in August last year, which saw Epic Games pull from Apple’s platform after it introduced its own in-app payment system to bypass the revenue fees. Now, Epic Games is claiming Apple is violating US antitrust laws by abusing its monopoly power. If that’s proven during the trial, it could see a big change in the relationship between developers and Big Tech. The trial is expected to run for 3 weeks.

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