/ 12 July 2021

Abiy wins Ethiopian election

…and by a whopping margin. The nation’s elections board yesterday declared PM Abiy Ahmed won 410 out of 436 seats in last month’s poll. There are a couple of things to note… Those in Tigray, which makes up a 5th of the country, didn’t get an opportunity to vote because of fighting between regional forces and the government. And in the rest of the nation, there were complaints about how the election was run with Abiy’s Prosperity Party accused of harassing opposition officials and intimidating voters. Abiy has given human rights enthusiasts whiplash in the last year. Shortly after he came to office, he won the Nobel Peace Price in 2019 for releasing political prisoners and making peace with neighbouring Eritrea. This year, he’s been accused of overseeing ethnic cleansing in Tigray.

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