/ 27 April 2021

China jangles Taiwan’s nerves with new firepower

In its latest flex of military might, Chinese President Xi Jinping has unveiled 3 new warships that analysts say are aimed at sending a message to Taiwan. The latest additions include an amphibious helicopter carrier that is Beijing’s most advanced vessel yet, a guided-missile cruiser and a nuclear-powered submarine. Cue fears about how China will use this new technology, with Chinese military commentator Song Zhongping telling state mouthpiece the Global Times that the vessels would play “important roles in solving questions in places like the island of Taiwan and the South China Sea”. Which sounds ominous for the territory that Beijing claims is part of China and has recently threatened to take back… The potential for armed conflict is something newly installed Defence Minister Peter Dutton has flagged – on Sunday, he said our defence forces are at a “high level of preparedness” for those sort of threats in the region. Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo added his 2 cents, saying Australia should strive for peace but “not at the cost of our precious liberty”. #SquizShortcuts

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