/ 27 March 2024

Don’t mess with my pancakes

maple syrup

Canada is facing a shortage of maple syrup, as the world’s only reserve of golden deliciousness has reached a 16-year low. It’s designed to hold up to 60 million kilograms of the sweet stuff, but the levels fell to just over 3 million kilograms last year. Experts have blamed the shortfall on rising demand and warmer weather, which has led to poor harvests. Canada produces 75% of the world’s entire production – and to add a bit of sweetness, its industry body says they “do not foresee any supply issues in the near future.” Phew… But just in case anything changes, academics in the US state of New Jersey are taking matters into their own sticky paws… They’re attempting to cultivate a different type of maple tree to establish a new local syrup industry. Good luck taking on the Canucks…

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