/ 13 March 2024

It’s a wild world

Computer binary code and world map
Image source: AUSTRAC

US intelligence agencies have given a grim outlook on America’s place in “an increasingly fragile world order” in their 2024 Annual Threat Assessment, saying there’s more competition for power, transnational challenges and regional conflicts. Presenting the report to members of the US Congress, the nation’s top security officials called out “an ambitious but anxious China” and “a confrontational Russia” as challenges. Boss of the CIA William Burns says continued support for Ukraine has “sobered” Chinese President Xi Jinping and cooled the country’s aggression toward Taiwan. Adding to the tension between Israel and the US, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu also ranked a mention, and the report predicts there may be protests demanding his resignation… And overnight in the Caribbean, Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced he’ll resign after weeks of gang violence and anarchy, saying “Haiti needs peace.”

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