/ 09 June 2022

Merkel regrets nothing…

Image source: flickr
Image source: flickr

That’s probably not true – we all have regrets. But when it comes to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s dealings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, she says she has “nothing to apologise for”. World leaders say he’s a tricky character, but they were known for their respectful relationship. Since February, Merkel has been criticised for establishing business ties with Russia, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called her opposition to Ukraine’s efforts to join NATO in 2008 a “miscalculation”. Yesterday, Merkel made her first public appearance since leaving office last year and she defended her government’s actions, saying Germany and Russia had to “co-exist despite all our differences”. Merkel also shared snippets from her civilian life: going for solitary ocean walks, wearing a hoodie as a disguise, and listening to an audiobook of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Very on-brand… #SquizShortcut

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