/ 05 February 2021

Suu Kyi charged

Deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi is facing up to 3 years in prison after being charged by the country’s military, which took control of the nation on Monday. Her alleged crime? The possession of walkie-talkies. Wait, what? Most likely used by her security agents, she’s been pegged for possessing illegally imported communications equipment. “They’ll try just about any charge they think can silence them and put them in prison,” said the United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar. If/when convicted, it will see her banned from representative politics. And with her out of the picture and the dominant party she leads dismantled, the military-backed party will have no competition if/when the next election is staged. Suu Kyi and other government officials are under house arrest for now.

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