/ 30 September 2021

A fallen pup made good

Image source: Christopher Hopkins
Image source: Christopher Hopkins

“If I can encourage any children to love the apex predator for what they are, I’ll be so happy,“ said author Favel Parrett about her new kids’ book featuring Wandi, the alpine dingo. You might remember the fluffball who fell from the sky near Bright in Victoria 2 years ago… The native dog is all grown up with pups of his own, but his species faces many challenges. Purebred dingos were listed as ‘threatened’ in the state in 2008, but their numbers are still declining. That’s because they’re hard to tell apart from feral dogs, which are dangerous pests. And drops in dingo numbers have been linked to a jump in kangaroo populations, which also presents a big problem for conservationists. Fun fact: dingos mate for life and co-parent their offspring. Good boy, Wandi…

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