/ 17 October 2023

Paying for our old stuff

Image: Via Wikimedia Commons
Image: Via Wikimedia Commons

As Hollywood’s writers get back to work following a 5-month strike over (in part…) their remuneration in the age of streaming, Aussie writers are finding there is a long tail to their work… The platforms are taking Polish viewers to the beach with old eps of Bondi Rescue, while young Norwegians are as enamoured with Bluey as we are. And in the age-old debate about whether you’re a Neighbours or Home and Away fan, Estonia lines up with Summer Bay, while Latvia, the Czech Republic and Poland are more at home on Ramsay Street. Speaking of Latvia, who knows what their kids make of The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, but they’re on it like a koala on a gum leaf… In total, the writers on Aussie productions are set to make a record $2.42 million in secondary royalties this year, up 15% on 2022. Australia’s writers’ guild says the individual payments aren’t huge, but it’s a welcome bonus.

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