/ 29 September 2021

Some psychology to eating greens

Image caption: Unsplash
Image caption: Unsplash

We talked last week about overcoming any aversion to eating more stinky/gassy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. And now scientists reckon they have figured out how to get kids to up their intake of plant matter: sit-down family meals and a dose of positivity. Making threats or promising rewards increases a child’s likelihood of being a fussy eater, they say. But relaxing meals together and involving kids in food preparation can lead to fussy eaters dropping their anti-veg ways. Lead researcher Laine Chilman acknowledged getting kids to eat veggies was “no small feat”, but “positive parenting, no matter how difficult it can be in certain situations, is the best step forward for fussy eaters”. Sounds about as easy as fitting into the pair of jeans you wore when you were 21yo

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