/ 13 February 2024

Some seriously fab fashion


It feels like we only just got our heads around ‘eclectic grandpa’, and already the fashion world has moved on with 2 new trends… For guys, it’s all about ‘babygirl men’ – blokes who are comfortable bending gender norms to show they’re “not just hot, but interesting”. Think Harry Styles with his handbags, Pedro Pascal wearing women’s runway looks, and fellas in frills à la so-hot-right-now Saltburn actor Barry Keoghan… For the ladies, we’ve moved on from ‘mob wife’ to ‘method dressing’ – which, if you’re a famous actor, means embracing your character’s style in real life. Margot Robbie has been nailing the trend with her many Barbie looks, and now Zendaya is in on the act with a series of sci-fi sandstorm styles as she promotes Dune: Part 2. If none of that does it for you, there are always the latest New York Fashion Week highlights. Or just put on what you’ve got and do your best…

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