/ 04 August 2021

Telstra makes calls on payphones free


Few people under 30yo will get this one at all, but for everyone else, the days of kids calling home on 1800 REVERSE and their parents footing the bill are over. Telstra has made its more than 15,000 payphones free to use. National calls to a fixed line or Aussie mobile from a Telstra payphone are on the big telco. If you’re dialling international, you’ll have to cough up using a card from 1 October. So why not rip ’em out altogether? Eleven million calls were made using Telstra payphones in the past year, which is about 10.99 million more than we thought… And 230,000 of those calls were made to critical services like 000 and Lifeline. Telstra’s move means it can now focus on keeping its technicians safe from crocodiles

Image source: Getty Images

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