/ 16 August 2021

Shein a shoo-in

We’ve done a bit of online shopping in our time… If you’ve done the same, you might have come across Shein – an online store that’s popular with the yoofs. What you might not know is that it’s a Chinese e-commerce giant that recently overtook Amazon for more app downloads in the US. And across the world, Shein (pronounced she-in) racked up 81 million downloads in the first half of this year. Analysts say it’s shaking things up in the fast-fashion world by being cheaper, faster and more digitally savvy than brands like Zara and H&M. The downside – a lack of transparency that is a feature of Chinese companies. Not that Shein’s home government is looking to get off its back… China has unveiled a 5-year plan for tighter regulation of its economy. Analysts say it’s about ensuring no company has more influence than the ruling communist party.

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