/ 16 August 2021

July sets a hot record

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – aka a world authority on all things barometric and synoptic – says July was Earth’s hottest month on record. The heatwaves across North America and Europe saw the world deliver an average temp of 16.73C. That beat out the previous record set in July 2016 (matched in 2019 and 2020) by 0.01C. And because too many stats are barely enough, last month was 0.93C warmer than last century’s average for July. “One month by itself does not say much,” said Uni of Illinois’ Professor Donald Wuebbles. But, “this was a La Nina year, and we still had the warmest temperatures on record,” he said of the weather system that cools the central Pacific Ocean. It’s enough to make sea snakes take up residence in Kiwiland

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