/ 03 April 2024

Justice for seagulls


There’s nothing like a day at the beach rounded off with some fish and chips – until a massive seagull swoops in on your delicious fried food. Rather than be annoyed, scientists say we should be impressed by the intelligence and charisma of the thieving birds… That’s because seagulls are becoming more wiley in their hunt for food as they’re being pushed into living alongside humans as the amount of natural space dwindles. They’re also grappling with diseases like bird flu and decreasing fish stocks (live fish that is, not your battered lunch). And in a major shocker – it turns out “seagulls” aren’t actually a species – there are over 50 types of gulls that we mistakenly refer to as one. So next time you feel your blood boiling about these “sky delinquents” nicking your hot chips, take a breath and instead admire the majesty of these crafty critters.

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