One month down…

The Squiz is one month old and it occurred to us that we haven’t said thank you. Thank you for your sign-ups, opens, clicks, comments and encouragement.

Things we’ve learned so far:
1) Getting up really early is really hard.
2) We have enough essential clothing (trackie dacks, t-shirts and underwear) to go just over two weeks without washing.
3) Spelling Gladys Berejiklian gets easier with practice.

We’ve exceeded all our expectations for the first month and we’re excited about what’s ahead. But we need your help. If you love The Squiz (or even just like it a little bit) please tell ALL your friends/family/colleagues/barista/hairdresser about us.

In doing so, you get to humble-brag about how news-savvy you are, and each referral officially counts as good karma. And we all need a bit of that.


– The Squiz

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