Three Minute Squiz with… Charlotte Goninan

Charlotte Goninan (left) told us she opened The Squiz for the weather so she’d know how to dress for the day. But she’s just spent two weeks in coronavirus lockdown in a hotel in Peru with her best friend Tamsyn (right), and we reckon she might have had time to read it top-to-bottom, inside out and back to front. Heading into another two weeks of isolation, please welcome Charlotte to the Three Minute Squiz…

How and where to do you Squiz?
Nearly always in bed. Open my eye or eyes (depends on how tired I am), open The Squiz, then social media for a morning peruse.

Tell us a bit about your life pre-coronavirus?
Carefree, a lot less hand-washing, no OCD and enjoying freedom that we definitely take for granted.

Your four-month South American trip took a turn for the indoors with the coronavirus outbreak. Where were you when things started to get serious?
We were in Cusco, Peru when the borders closed. We went out for dinner, came back and asked the concierge to confirm our tour to Sacred Valley. She went very quiet on the phone, hung up and then said in broken English “Sorry, President closed borders. No more tourism.” I won’t lie, we had a giggle and then asked her to mark down on a map of Cusco all the things to see and do as we thought we would become very well acquainted with the area. We then received a call from the hotel manager who told us what was really going on. Bye freedom!

You were in lockdown for 13 days with your best mate Tamsyn waiting for a flight home. Are you still friends?
We are! Some would say it is a miracle but we haven’t actually had any arguments whilst away so I would say we are pretty darn lucky.

You spent a good part of that time learning dance challenges to raise money for an orphanage in Colombia. You’re now heading into another 14 days of quarantine in a hotel in Sydney. What can we expect this time?
We started doing videos to entertain ourselves and pass the time, and then our friends and family said somewhat jokingly “we would pay to see that footage” so we thought why not do something good in these tough times and raise money for the orphanage Tamsyn was adopted from in Bogota, Colombia. We are currently at $4,300!! We are so stoked and can’t believe the generosity of people.

What have you learned about yourself as a result of your ordeal?
That we can all make fun out of a sh*tty situation. I’ve also learned that all of this is so out of our control and that we just have to roll with the punches, whatever they may be (which is very difficult for a control enthusiast like me). Also, that the way we phrase things is important. Instead of looking at this as ‘woe is me’, to try and look at the positive that is being done in the world. We might all be stuck inside, but look at how it’s bringing out the creative and humorous side of so many. It just shows how connected and caring we can be.

You previously worked in the events and touring industry, what’s something people never think about when they go to see their favourite live band?
Just how much work goes in to pulling it off. It takes literally hundreds of people, thousands of hours, sleepless nights and A LOT of money to make them happen. I’ll forever be thankful about knowing what goes on behind the scenes as it makes me appreciate every concert and live event that little bit more.

You spent some time playing college hockey in the US. What’s stuck with you about that experience?
That I am now incredibly unfit. Does that count?

Favourite recipe OR favourite meal at your favourite restaurant (that we assume you’ll be getting delivered to your hotel room, pronto)?
Lord, I was SO happy when they told us we could receive delivery. These are all Sydney places. If I am being naughty, Mary’s Burgers are THE best. If I’m being sophisticated, Chin Chin is delish. If I am feeling Italian, you CANNOT beat Lucios Pizzeria in Darlinghurst. If I am being a domestic chef goddess then I do love a good homemade spag bol.

Name four people – living or dead – you would love to have at your next dinner party.
Delta Goodrem (I am such a fan girl it is ridiculous and have been since My Innocent Eyes days – don’t judge!), Serena Williams, Nelson Mandela & Ellen DeGeneres. Could I be more obvious?

What’s your favourite book?
This will really disappoint Larissa from The Squiz HQ but I don’t read a lot… I am trying in these lockdown circumstances because, you know, I have time on my hands. I enjoy an easy read. One thing I wish I did more when I was younger is read. My vocabulary has suffered greatly and I struggle to enjoy it now. Sorry Squizers for this lacklustre answer….

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
Contentment. We should always strive for happiness!

What would you say is the most overlooked news story Aussie should know about but don’t?
The positive things happening in the world around COVID-19 and also the need to focus on mental health during this trying time. I’m following a page on Instagram called @goodnews_movement which brings a smile to my face and also a group on FB (that has arguably flooded my news feed) called The Kindness Pandemic. Having been in Peru where we didn’t understand the news, I read a lot of articles which were based on hearsay and opinions, and it only causes anxiety. I’ve been a day in isolation back home now in Sydney, and the news is exhausting! I’ve made a pact with myself to only read The Squiz as my news source because at least it is balanced and unbiased, which is SO refreshing!

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