Three Minute Squiz with… Samantha Armytage

Samantha Armytage – host of Seven’s Sunrise – is sassy, whip-smart and not afraid to have a laugh at her own expense. Which makes her perfect for the Three Minute Squiz.

How and where do you Squiz?
On my phone, at the Sunrise desk. I’m halfway through my first coffee and I’ve been on air for half an hour (out of bed for 3 hours!). I have been known to ‘borrow’ some of the more clever observations for my on-air chat (haha thank you!).

What was the first album you ever owned?
1986 Just for Kicks.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Hotel California. I like to have the mic for as long as possible

What’s your guilty TV-watching secret?
Antiques Roadshow.

Name four people – living or dead – you’d kill to sit down to dinner with.
Amal Clooney, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, Elon Musk.

Your favourite writers?
Liane Moriarty. Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross. Jane Austen. And Mark Beretta’s The Riders (an ode to motorbike racing stats) was pretty riveting.

What skill or talent do you not have but wish you did?
I’d love to be able to play a guitar and/or a piano. I’d also love to be one of those people who ‘forgets’ to eat when they’re stressed.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Phar Lap. Big Heart.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Like. I’m ‘like’ a teenager in that respect only. I also use ‘Are you for real?’ a lot. Usually they are, not.

Where were you born?
The Mater Hospital on Sydney’s North Shore. Mum and dad were living on a remote property near Scone, but because there were eight-gated creek crossings between the house and the main road (which were in flood in the September of 1976) mum came down to Sydney a few weeks early to have me.

What’s your worst and best habit?
Worst – I can jump to conclusions.
Best – I’m extremely tidy and organised.

If you could only choose one for the term of your natural life: would it be chocolate or wine?
Wine. Every time. It’s how I get my sugar.

What’s your no-fail recipe?
Mum’s Tomato and Crab Soup.

They say you can tell a lot about a person from what is currently in their fridge – what would we find if we opened yours today?
Plastic Chinese takeaway containers full of dog food (I make Banjo’s food this week it’s chicken, vegies and rice.) Cheese in all states of freshness. And a bottle of champagne, because you never know when you’re going to have something to celebrate.

What would you say is the most currently overlooked news story we should know about?
I think we’re all still pretty lax about North Korea. Team America lulled us into thinking NK’s regime is a joke. They are ‘for real’ AND they have nuclear warheads!!!!

What qualities do you most value in a friend?
Loyalty. A sense of mischief and a nose for rule breaking.

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