Week 2 FAQs

Almost two weeks in, here’s the three questions I’m being asked most frequently.

1. How do you put the email together?

The day goes something like this.

3.30pm – Clock on and start to look over the go-to websites (there’s about 15 of them) and my Twitter feed to get a look at what’s gone down during the day. I’ll keep an iPad close to hand for about the next 4 hours to keep surfing the sites and social media while watching the telly.

4pm – Watch David Speers on Sky Agenda.

5pm – Onto the commercial TV news with 10, 9 and 7.

6.30pm Sketch out a news list.

7pm Watch ABC TV News.

7.30 Check out 7.30 with Leigh Sales.

8pm – I’ll have a news list to sense check with a journo mate and then write it up.

11pm – Head off to bed to get a bit of sleep.

3.30am Up, coffee and check, check, check for breaking news and refine Squiz Today.

5am Get the email formatted, website and social media links sorted, and queue up the email to send. Check again for breaking news before confirming the send.

6.30am – GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I have a very cute Frenchie named Tucker (centre in the pic with his #pupsquad) who demands a walk.

8am Admin, checking the resolution of tech gremlins and emerging new ones, return calls and emails.

10.30am Try to snooze for as long as I can. If I can’t sleep just do something relaxing.

2pm Check emails and see who I can get on the phone for a chat.

3.30pm Start again.

No doubt this will change as I really get into the groove of pulling it together and as business development issues become more pressing. But for right now, that’s how it’s working.

2. Are you getting enough sleep?

No. But weekends are a good catch up. Don’t expect me to be available for early weekend brekkie dates.

3. How do you decide what makes it into the email?

I don’t know why I’m surprised, but this is a very popular question. TBH I thought the direct tone of voice of the email would be a bigger issue, but there you go. Judgement is the answer. I have a go and get input from friends on what’s leading the news versus what will likely be ‘water cooler’ topics at work today versus emerging issues. It’s purely a judgement call.

I really hope you’re enjoying The Squiz, it’s really fun to pull together. CK

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