/ 19 April 2024

A Lehrmann case explainer, a new British crime drama, and sweet ideas for using up zucchinis…


If you’re still trying to digest the “omnishambles” that was the Bruce Lehrmann defamation case, ABC’s intellect-at-large Annabel Crabb has written a piece on how Justice Michael Lee managed to find truth, fairness and reason in a messy situation. 

We were hankering for a good British crime drama at Easter (and don’t even start us on Vera returning to ABC TV with a new series – so good…). Surfing the streamers, we found CB Strike on Binge. There are 5 short series to enjoy, and we’re not even embarrassed to say we’ve watched all of ‘em. 

We’ve got a mate who grows zucchinis and after a bag was left on our doorstep, we decided we’d try a couple of sweet things. This chocolate zucchini loaf is moist and yummy. And if you wanna go all-in, these zucchini oatmeal cookies were also a hit. 

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