/ 15 October 2021

The price of being vegan

Image source: Kitti Gould
Image source: Kitti Gould

And we’re not talking about a sudden drop in dinner invitations… Research by consumer advocacy group Choice has found that Aussies pay up to twice the price for vegan or plant-based products, from guacamole to burgers. Take mayonnaise for example. The one marketed as vegan cost almost 40% more than its ‘regular’ alternative despite both containing only plant-based ingredients. The consumer advocates say part of the price disparity comes down to higher manufacturing costs and more expensive ingredients, but often “there’s a price premium that’s added as a result of having the claim that something is vegan.” Veganism has taken off worldwide, and 2% of Aussies are thought to follow the cruel torture method… sorry… diet. And for those who would like to eat and drink better, it’s hard to fight our ancestors

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