/ 21 February 2024

Underwater photography, a luminous black hole, and old-school food trollies


If you’re looking for some serenity, the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 winners’ snaps get underneath the surface. Some shots highlight the damage humans do, but all are extremely beautiful.

“It’s the most luminous object that we now know in the universe,” says space expert  Christian Wolf. And no, he’s not talking about Taylor Swift… A team of international researchers led by the Australian National University have discovered the fastest-growing black hole ever recorded. Its mass is about 17 billion times that of our Sun, which sounds like a lot [insert shrugging lady emoji]… 

Trainspotters looking for a way to spend $1,000 have picked up 50 old-school food trollies from Japan’s famous bullet trains. Able to carry up to 50kg of refreshments, the carts were used on the iconic Shinkansen. At speeds of 300km/hour, we assume coffee was served with lids on…

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