Squiz Quiz – 1 October 2021

1. Why did Nationals Party MP Darren Chester say he will “take a break” from the party?

Karleen Minney
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Tensions are high over the adoption of more ambitious emissions reduction targets.

2. “Blundering and deceitful” is how former PM Malcolm Turnbull described PM Scott Morrison’s decision to do what?

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Turnbull has spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron - Morrison not so much…

3. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this week hinted at a reining in of home loans. Why?

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This time around, reports say we’re likely to see debt-to-income ratios that’ll make it harder for Aussies to get large loans.

4. Which country this week legalised same-sex marriage?

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The others mentioned do not allow same-sex marriage FYI.

5. The Melbourne Demons won the AFL premiership last weekend, beating the Western Bulldogs by 74 points. How long had it been since they were winners?

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And fans were pretty pumped…

6. Which NRL star won the Dally M Medal - the league’s best and fairest of 2021?

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Go Tommy Turbo...

7. Name the Aussie journo who won an Emmy this week for a 2020 interview with then-US President Donald Trump.

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His famous dad was pretty proud.

8. Speaking of winning, which musical took home mega gongs at this week’s Tony Awards?

Tony Award Productions
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It won 10 awards, including the prestigious Best Musical gong. C’mon Aussie...

9. What sort of furry financier is forging a reputation in cryptocurrency trading?

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His name is Mr Goxx and he has his own office. As he should...

10. How did a South Australian Nirvana fan pay homage to the band’s debut album 'Nevermind' on its 30th birthday?

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It took him 8 hours and he listened to the album the entire time.

Squiz Quiz - 1 October 2021

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