Squiz Quiz – 15 October 2021

1. Vaccines manufacturer CSL said what about its production of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine?

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Demand has tanked now that we have the supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines sorted.

2. Name the town that was at risk of COVID, but confirmed it now has no active cases.

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With its significant Indigenous population, there were huge concerns when COVID came to town - but it crushed it.

3. It was confirmed that Afghan prisoner Hekmatullah was recently released. Why was this of interest to Australia?

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“We share the sorrow of Australians at this outcome and again offer our condolences to the families and the loved ones of our 3 fallen soldiers,” a federal government spokesperson said.

4. It was lights out for what entire nation this week?

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The nation is struggling through an economic collapse.

5. Filipino Maria Ressa and Russian Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize for what?

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They are truth-tellers against “abuse of power, lies and war propaganda,” the committee said.

6. Where have scientists managed to simulate life on Mars?

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The Austrian Space Forum had 6 scientists spend a month pretending they were astronauts on the Red Planet.

7. In some incredible pics, Taliban fighters were shown doing what with their leisure time?

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Who doesn’t love a Ferris wheel?

8. The NRL is getting a new team in 2023 - what’s its name?

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And legendary coach/epic grump Wayne Bennett will coach the team.

9. Aussie endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel achieved what epic feat in the English Channel this week?

Brett Costello
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She’s done it an incredible 44 times, and she reckons she’s done now…

10. Why was Scottish tennis star Andy Murray in trouble with his wife when his tennis shoes went missing from a hotel car park?

Sky Sports
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After some sleuthing, he got the shoes and the ring back.

Squiz Quiz - 15 October 2021

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