Squiz Quiz – 23 March 2024

1. What headline from Queensland politics this week is true?

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Premier Steven Miles said he knew the weekend’s elections would be tough, “and they're even worse than that”.

2. What issue that the Albanese Government and the Coalition faced off over at the end of 2023 is back in focus?

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A news case about a different group of detainees is about to hit the High Court...

3. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Australia this week. He sought a special meeting with…

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Keating is an outspoken opponent of AUKUS and has criticised Wong and PM Anthony Albanese over their handling of China.

4. Trump had a few words to say about which former PM?

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He said “I heard he was a little bit nasty. I hear he’s not the brightest bulb. But I don’t know much about him.”

5. What is unique about Tassie’s election this Saturday?

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The election was called early after 2 Liberals left the party to become independents.

6. What made it to the Northern Territory this week?

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The Cat 3 storm made landfall on Monday afternoon and has brought a lot of rain...

7. In the near future, Aussie telco’s will…

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TPG was the first to decommission its 3G on 30 January, and Telstra and Optus are set to follow.

8. Which Aussie icon could also be useful in electronic waste recycling?

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This is because the main ingredient, spent brewer’s yeast, can be used to recover metals from electronics.

9. What appeared in London this week?

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It’s a mural of green paint on a wall behind a bare tree that creates an optical illusion.

10. Australia has ranked 10th in the world for what quality?

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Happiness refers to the quality of their lives as a whole. We'd have to agree.

Squiz Quiz - 23 March 2024

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