Squiz Quiz – 26 January 2024

1. This week the Albanese Government has overhauled what measure they promised not to touch?

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PM Albanese says he is "doing the right thing for the right reasons" to ease cost of living pressures, but it means breaking an election promise.

2. Scott Morrison has resigned from politics after 16 years. Which of these big political moments doesn't relate to his time in government?

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The former PM will join some global advisory firms where he will focus on defence and security policy.

3. What's Queensland been preparing for this week?

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Hundreds of extra emergency and energy workers were deployed to Townsville and Rockhampton.

4. What big move did Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis make this week?

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Once touted as someone who could beat Donald Trump, he said he doesn't have "a clear path to victory".

5. This week a Russian hacker was named and shamed for their role in…?

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Aleksandr Ermakov - believed to be part of the Russian ransomware gang REvil - was the mastermind behind the hack.

6. Australia's most corrupt cop Roger Rogerson died this week. Why was he put in prison in 2014?

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"Dodgy Roger' had been fully immersed in Sydney's notorious underworld since 1970...

7. There has been an increase in adult drownings which Surf Life Saving Australia are attributing to...

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"People want to be where they see on social media: they are looking for that perfect photo, wanting to be on that isolated sandy beach," said CEO Adam Weir.

8. What unlikely cross-over moment has led to father-daughter bonding?

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Following the romance, teen girls are tuning into the NFL to check out their idol's boyfriend.

9. Which Aussie actor was nominated for an award that nobody wants - the Golden Raspberry for bad acting?

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This was for his role as a priest in the latest Exorcist instalment, which has 5 Razzie nominations overall.

10. What promise did American tennis star Taylor Fritz's girlfriend Morgan Riddle follow through with this week?

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Well, she ate a spoonful instead but props to her… we certainly wouldn't be up for the challenge.

Squiz Quiz - 26 January 2024

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