Squiz Quiz – 3 February 2024

1. Who has the US Government blamed for the drone attack on its base in Jordan killing 3 US Marines?

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Iran says it didn't direct the attack by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq group.

2. What sector of China's economy was in the spotlight with a major company instructed to close?

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This comes after a Hong Kong court ordered China’s largest property developer, Evergrande, to liquidate and recoup some losses for its investors.

3. What did Aussie consumers do with their spending money in December?

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The latest ABS data showed that retail spending rose in November due to the Black Friday sales, but then it fell significantly in December.

4. What savvy business move has helped Microsoft overtake Apple in market value?

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They're riding a high at a valuation of over US$3 trillion thanks to a big investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

5. Donald Trump has been ordered to cough up US$83.3 million to writer E Jean Carroll after…?

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Trump defamed her after she came forward with claims that he sexually assaulted in the 90s.

6. An accomplice to which infamous Aussie crime is set to be released later this year?

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Mark Hayden was sentenced to 25 years in jail after being found guilty of helping to cover up the murders of 12 victims in an around the South Aussie town.

7. Who became the internet's unsuspecting therapist this week?

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It started on Monday when Elmo innocently asked “How is everybody doing?” on X (aka Twitter) and it opened the floodgates...

8. Aussie Open champ Jannik Sinner was spotted at Dubai Airport carrying what as he made his way home?

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“His carry-on bag being the actual Australian Open trophy (!) made the electronics and liquids in my tray look very unimpressive," said a fellow traveller...

9. New rules covering what pressing issue are being brought in for junior and community sport?

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Kieren Perkins, boss of the Sports Commission, said it's "a significant step in the right direction".

10. Sean Kirkpatrick - the bloke who used to be in charge of investigating UFOs at the US Department of Defense - says what about they existence?

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He said he left the job frustrated by the alien believers within the US Government...

Squiz Quiz - 3 February 2024

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