Squiz Quiz – 3 September 2021

1. National housing prices rose 18.4% in the 12 months to August. Which city led the way in annual growth?

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It recorded an annual growth of 24.5%. Yikes…

2. This week 13 superannuation funds failed a new performance test aimed at exposing dud funds. What happens if they fail 2 years in a row?

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Among those that failed were some staff funds for big banks and unions.

3. China continued its cultural crackdown this week by imposing new restrictions on what?

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Game time will be limited to 3 hours a week.

4. Which country has the most threatened tree species, according to a major global study?

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The Amazon is being cleared at an accelerated rate, and that’s put trees on the endangered list.

5. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana 16 years to the day after what storm hit the area?

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Ida was one of the biggest storms to hit the region in the last 150 years.

6. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is on trial next week on fraud charges after investigations found her company’s technology wasn’t working as advertised. What did she claim her tech was able to do?

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The trial starts on 8 September.

7. Perth will host the 2021 AFL grand final making it the 2nd year in a row that it’s played outside of Melbourne. Where was the 2020 AFL decider held?

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Western Oz Premier Mark McGowan said “very strict rules” will be in place - “but it’s very exciting”.

8. Lindsay Warner is set to become the first person to travel around Oz on what?

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He has forked out around $50,000 for fuel alone…

9. What iconic food can you now find in a vending machine in Italy’s Rome?

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Reports say many locals think it’s a "schifezza" - a thing of shame/our new favourite word…

10. What new haircut emerged this week as the latest lockdown hairdo trend?

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The devil’s in the detail...

Squiz Quiz - 3 September 2021

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