/ 02 February 2024

Sitting on the sidelines

Image source: Dreamstime
Image source: Dreamstime

Keeping young athletes safe from concussion has been a big talking point in sport in recent years – and new guidelines to be rolled out to all junior and community sports across Australia will see those who have taken a head knock sidelined for 3 weeks. The rules are the same in the UK and Kiwiland, with players required to be symptom-free for 2 weeks before they can return to any contact training. There has been a wave of alarming evidence about the effects of repeated head knocks, and the Institute of Sport’s David Hughes reckons 95% of concussions happen in community sport. Australian Sports Commission CEO/former swimming legend Kieren Perkins said he was proud of the new rules, saying they will be important to make sport “ensuring sport remains a safe and welcoming environment for all.”

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