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Woolworths Group is expected to invest over $330 million in property across 29 projects in regional Australia over the next 5 years. To put it in context, that money represents 21% of total capital expenditure in the retail sector Australia wide…. Also, over 60% of Woolworths regional workers are women, which is 25% higher than the regional Australian average. That’s a lot of stats but if you can’t get enough, you check out the Woolworths Group 2023 regional report here.


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That's today - and it's a day to reflect on the impact of our daily emissions - aka the gases and particles emitted by electricity, agriculture, or transportation. As for the Woolworths Group, the company is using the day to remind us of their commitment to transition all home delivery trucks to electric by 2030. It's a big undertaking - and quite the logistical challenge - but it's happening with 27 recently launched on the road. Find out more about how they're making it happen here.


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Woolworths Group has so far awarded $3.5 million in grants to 32 dairy farmers through the Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund, a $5 million scheme that helps farmers invest in innovative tech solutions. Additionally, they're investing over $250 million towards boosting local infrastructure throughout regional Australia in the next 5 years. That'll mean more jobs and an increase to the Woolworths Group's 48,000 regional team members.


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As a major Aussie employer, Woolworths Group currently employs over 64,000 young Aussies under the age of 25. Their focus is boosting skills, providing meaningful career pathways, and levelling the playing field to give youth across the country an equal shot at success. To find out more about their approach, we chatted with Camille Stewart, the Recruitment Lead for Woolworths Group. You can listen here.


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Every great relationship is built on trust - and we would contend, satisfying retail experiences. That’s why 80% of Woolworths Group’s suppliers have been partners for over a decade. And on top of the $6 billion in fresh food they source from Aussie farmers (which is almost as much as our aunty buys for our Christmas feast…), they’re also investing +$10 million to help suppliers move to organic farming practices and drive innovation in the dairy industry. Find out more about how Woolworths Group is working with regional Australia in their 2022 report.


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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 24  Woolworths Workshop Shoot on March 24, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.

Woolworths Group - that’s Woolies supermarkets, BIG W, their online businesses and the infrastructure that supports them -  employs 186,000 Aussies (aka a lot…). More than 48,000 are in regional Australia - and a third of those are under 25yo and +60% are women. All those jobs mean big bucks for regional economies via the +$1.5 billion paid in wages in the last year alone. Find out more about how Woolworths Group is working with regional Australia in their 2022 report.


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Let us tell you the story of the Baronio family… They’re apple and strawberry farmers from Queensland and have been partners of Woolworths since 1988. John Baronio says it’s a relationship built on good, honest communication. It’s a great Aussie story, and here’s a link to learn more about them.

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