/ 27 September 2021

27 September 2021

Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Western Australia

7.30pm (AEST) – NRL – Dally M awards ceremony – live on Foxtel or Kayo

World Tourism Day

The Guardian’s Bird of the Year poll opens, with 50 shortlisted species to choose from

Birthdays for Gwenyth Paltrow (1972) and Lil Wayne (1982)

Anniversary of:
• French scholar Jean-François Champollion announcing he has deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics using the Rosetta Stone (1822)
• the physics journal Annalen der Physik publishing Albert Einstein’s paper which introduces the equation E=mc² (1905)
• WC Handy publishing the first blues song, Memphis Blues (1912)
• the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring about the environmental impacts of pesticide use in the US (1962)
• George and Amal Clooney’s wedding (2014)
• the death of Hugh Hefner (2017)

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