Election 22 / 14 May 2022

Ask The Squiz – Episode 5

Preferences; parachuting candidates; MPs turning independent; and voting with a pencil…

Claudine is interested in the Teal independents – she asks will they have a “how to vote” card on election Day, and are they fussed about preferences.

Continuing on with preferences, Leonard asks if there is any research that outlines if the actual preferences filled in on the ballot paper correspond with those how to vote cards…

Kelsey wants to know what the rules are about selecting candidates to represent seats they don’t live in? She reckons that “parachuting” in a candidate seems a bit rough…

Cheryl also likes a fair contest… She asks how can a candidate be elected under one party, then decide to become an independent? And why is this allowed?

Michael wants to know why voting is still done by pencil on a paper ballot. He says the last ACT election was electronic and he reckons it’s a way to get quicker and clearer results.

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