Election 22 / 07 May 2022

Ask the Squiz – Episode 4

The point of campaigning, the timing of campaign launches, the seat of Higgins, and more…

Regula is wondering what’s the point in leaders slogging it around the country during an election campaign when they could announce their policies without having to travel.

Ellen wants to know – why do the political parties officially launch their election campaign midway through the election, after weeks of campaigning?

Nicky asks how relevant the ‘preferred Prime Minister’ polling is compared to 2-party preferred results when it comes to deciding the election.

Dane lives in the Melbourne seat of Higgins, which Liberal Katie Allen holds by a tight margin of 2.6%. He asks – why it hasn’t gotten as much attention as other marginal seats in Oz this election?

And last but not least, Matt lives in the ACT and he says he feels like the territory is underrepresented in the Senate. He wants to know why ACT senators are up for election every 3 years but the states get 6-year terms.

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