/ 20 September 2021

Canadian election one for the keeners

Image source: Reuters
Image source: Reuters

That’s ‘nerd’ in Canada-speak… Today brings democracy lovers a snap election. Incumbent Liberal Party PM Justin Trudeau has been in office for 6 years – he called the election just 2 years into his second 4-year term. At the start of the campaign, Trudeau looked set to secure a majority in Canada’s House of Commons as Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and his party trailed in the polls. Fast forward to now, and O’Toole’s approval rating is level with Trudeau’s. Like many COVID-era leaders, Trudeau hopes that Canadians will reward him for navigating the coronavirus crisis, but analysts say he could be punished for calling the election early for “selfish, political reasons.” And gee the election gods have been smiling – not only is there an ongoing election in Russia, but there’s also a national poll in Germany later this week. *Rubs hands together*

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