/ 19 November 2021

Going crypto for the Constitution

Image source: Getty
Image source: Getty

A crowdfunding effort to buy a rare copy of the US Constitution from 1787 has raised more than US$46 million in cryptocurrency donations, the group behind the fundraiser claims. That’s more than ConstitutionDAO (which stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation‚Ķ) had expected… It initially aimed to raise $20 million – aka how much the item is expected to sell for at Sotheby’s Auction House this week. Just 13 of the 500 original copies of the special edition Constitution survive, and the copy for sale is only one of 2 that isn’t in the hands of a fancy museum/library. The plan is “to put the constitution in the hands of the people” by displaying the document publicly. And if the bid is unsuccessful, donors will be refunded their cryptocurrency. The auction takes place later today.

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