/ 04 April 2024

Can’t face the truth

aging face, ageing

A recent US study has found most people aged 50-80yo think they look younger than they actually do. It’s basically a coping mechanism to help us deal with our impending mortality… Women and those on higher incomes are especially delusional, but no socio-demographic group is immune – only 6% of adults think they look older than their counterparts. Appearing fresh-faced was associated with more positive experiences of ageing, so it’s no wonder 35% admitted to spending money to try and turn back the clock. But it’s not necessarily something you can buy – other studies have also found people with better physical and mental health have more positive experiences of ageing. And it’s not just vanity – being the butt of jokes about looking old can have real impacts on your health. So, you know, kindness first… 

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