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Squiz Today – 28 May 2024

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Is the nickname of Opalius splendens – one of 3 newly discovered ancient monotreme (think an echidna/platypus hybrid) species whose fossilised bones were found in NSW’s outback opal fields. An ‘echidnapus’ – doesn’t sound weird at all…

A deadline for students

The Squiz 

Police were deployed to the Australian National University’s (ANU) pro-Palestine encampment to help security guards enforce an evacuation order yesterday afternoon as the protests over the war in Gaza heated up. About 150 protesters formed a human circle around the site after being given their marching orders by university officials. After refusing to leave, police have given the protesters a deadline of 12pm today to vacate – with uni officials saying “failure to comply … will result in disciplinary action”. But the students aren’t on board – after holding a vote to stay, one said “there are hundreds of people here … We will not be moved”.

What happened?

The ANU’s Jeremy Matthew wrote to the students yesterday morning, telling them that a recent fire evacuation near the encampment had been “disrupted”, showing that an “unacceptable safety risk” was being caused by the protesters. Reports say protesters have been given the option of moving to nearby lawns on the campus, but ANU’s student newspaper Woroni has reported the students were taking legal advice. Like many of the college protests happening globally, ANU’s students are demanding the uni sell off its interests in several weapons companies tied to the Israeli military. But after several weeks of protests around the country, authorities have started to crack down – last week, anti-Israel chants were banned at unis in Queensland and Melbourne, and protesters were told to leave.

So while that’s going on, what’s happening in Gaza?

Hamas-led health and emergency service officials in Gaza say at least 45 civilians – mostly women and children – were killed and dozens were injured in an Israeli strike in western Rafah. They say at least 8 missiles hit a camp for displaced Palestinians in a designated safe zone, setting several tents alight. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the incident was “a tragic mishap” and was being investigated. ”In Rafah we already evacuated about one million non-combatant residents and despite our utmost effort not to harm non-combatants, something unfortunately went tragically wrong”, he told the Israeli parliament. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it targeted a Hamas compound “on the basis of precise intelligence”, killing 2 senior Hamas officials. That all came after Hamas fired rockets at Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, prompting air raid sirens to ring out for the first time in months.

* Need the back story to the university campus protests? We’ve got a Squiz Shortcut for you…

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Zelensky’s desperate call

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling on world leaders to attend a peace summit in Switzerland next month after another series of deadly Russian missile strikes, including one on a hardware shop that killed at least 16 people in the northeast city of Kharkiv. Zelensky made the request in a video message, specifically calling out presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to attend the event that’s slated to start on 15 June. Whether they or any other leaders will go is TBC, but Zelensky really wants them there… “Please, show your leadership in advancing the peace – the real peace and not just a pause between the strikes.” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ongoing, and Zelensky has rejected reports that Putin is ready to negotiate a ceasefire, saying it would only help Russia to rearm and regroup.

World News

The race to rescue

Aussie military aircraft and other equipment will be sent to assist authorities in Papua New Guinea as the toll from Friday’s landslide in the northern Enga province continues to rise. The United Nations says around 700 people are presumed dead with only a handful of bodies having been recovered, but local authorities say over 2,000 people could be buried alive. There are also concerns more rain could destabilise mountains of rubble up to 10m deep. The landslide happened in a remote location and the UN has warned that damaged roads are making relief efforts more difficult. There is still some hope for the missing after local media reported a couple had been pulled from the rubble yesterday. Our Deputy PM/Defence Minister Richard Marles said the assistance we will provide our closest neighbour “will play out over the coming days.”

World News

Aussie media scandals mounting

When it rains it pours… Three major news outlets are dealing with the fallout from scandals… Nine has ordered an independent review of its newsroom culture following allegations against former news boss Darren Wick of inappropriate behaviour toward numerous female employees. And reports today (paywall) say staff are outraged after finding out Wick received a $1 million golden handshake. Meanwhile, former Network Ten presenter Lisa Wilkinson is seeking $1.8 million in legal costs from former Liberal staffer Bruce Lehrmann following his failed defamation case. The issue will go back to court on 27 June when a final dollar amount will be determined. Also facing scrutiny is ABC TV’s 7.30 host Laura Tingle after she said Australia is a “racist country” at a Sydney Writers’ Festival event on Sunday. She also took aim at Coalition leader Peter Dutton, accusing him of stoking tensions in the ongoing housing crisis. And breathe…  

Australian News

Don’t dream it’s over

It was once an unthinkable result for the “King of Clay” but Spanish legend Rafael Nadal last night bowed out of the French Open in the first round. In an emotional night for tennis fans, fourth-seed German Alexander Zverev put a straight sets end to Rafa’s dream of winning a record 15th title at Roland Garros before his expected retirement later this year. Despite commentators saying he was looking fit in the lead up, Rafa has been battling injuries for the past 2 years and was outgunned by the German’s power. The 6-3 7-6(7-5) 6-3 loss brings his match record in Paris to 112-4. Afterwards, he said it was “difficult to talk” but he left the door open for one last dance at the tournament he calls “magical”. “I don’t know if it’s going to be the last time I’m going to be here. I am not 100% sure, but if it is the last time, I enjoyed it”, he told the crowd… Aussies keen for more action can rally behind Alex “Demon” de Minaur who’s scheduled to play tonight.

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You’re right, denim is getting weird…

You might remember a couple of weeks ago we talked about how to find the best cut of jeans for your body type, but if you feel like the styles currently on offer are unusual, to say the least – particularly after Sydney Fashion Week – you’re not alone… And it’s not just horseshoe jeans (which remind us of Popeye) – fashion experts agree the array of fantastical denim ensembles currently making their way down runways and on the backs of celebrities are getting odder… We were just getting our heads around the very popular – and very exxy – ‘sweatpant jeans‘, but there are plenty of other dodgy duds in the denim biz – including denim frills for men at Louis Vuitton… And to think, people used to mock Britney and Justin for their double denim duo look – clearly, they were just ahead of their time…


Apropos of Nothing – Unusual events edition

Thousands of people have gathered on the Champs-Élysées in Paris for “le grand pique-nique”. Competition for a spot on the 216m long red and white checked picnic blanket was tight, with 4,400 out of the 273,000 applicants being selected to drop their derrières on the “world’s largest tablecloth”…

That might sound relaxing, but it wasn’t as chill as Seoul’s “space out competition”, where participants had to do anything they could to reach the lowest resting heart rate for the win. The contest is designed to remind exhausted South Korean workers to take a breather.

One Queensland couple has taken their nuptials to new heights by saying ‘I do’ while abseiling… Finger lime farmer Jade King met her now-hubby Joel Abbot in a car park but made sure their wedding was exhilarating by rappelling down the side of a cave in the Glasshouse Mountains. Luckily the photographer was also adventurous…

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Squiz the Day

8.00am (AEST) – With all the current discussions around AI innovations for business, we’ll be keeping an eye on The Financial Review: Business of AI Summit starting today – Sydney

8.00am (AEST) – Water Polo: The Aussie men’s water polo team for the Paris Olympics will be named – Sydney

9.00am (AEST) – House of Reps sitting (until May 30) and Senate Budget Estimates hearings kick off – Canberra

12.30pm (AEST) – International president of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Dr Christos Christou and Executive Director of MSF Australia Jennifer Tierney will address the National Press Club on the state of humanitarianism today – Canberra

7.00pm (AEST) – Josh Frydenberg documentary Never Again: The Fight Against Antisemitism, about the rise of antisemitism across Australia, will air on Sky News

7.00pm (AEST) – Tennis: Aussie Alex “Demon” de Minaur is in action at the French Open tonight against American Alex Michelsen – Paris, and watch on 9Now

Texas 2024 runoff to decide Republican and Democrat US presidential candidates

ABS Data Release – Retail Trade, April

International Day of Action for Women’s Health 

World Hunger Day 

International Burger Day 

A birthday for Kylie Minogue (1968)

Anniversary of:

  • Anniversary of the deaths of authors Anne Brontë (1849) and Maya Angelou (2014)
  • Neville Chamberlain becoming PM of the United Kingdom (1937)
  • Turkish president Tayyip Erdoğan entering his third decade of ruling after claiming victory in the election (2023)

Around midnight – The jury in Donald Trump’s hush money trial will hear closing arguments – New York

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