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“I can’t really explain where it is.”

Said F1 superstar driver Lewis Hamilton of one of his many piercings that he can’t remove after race organisers tried to enforce a ban on drivers wearing jewelry over safety concerns. The 7-times world champ certainly is racy… 

Party leaders turn up the volume


It was a robust affair on Nine last night with PM Scott Morrison going head-to head with Labor leader Anthony Albanese in the 2nd debate of the election campaign. Billed as Nine’s ‘The Great Debate’, you could have been forgiven for thinking it was the ‘The Great Shout-off’ with the leaders, moderator and panel all talking over each other in order to be heard on several occasions. 


Well, not the moderator, 60 Minutes reporter Sarah Abo, who struggled to maintain control of the free-for-all. But on the debate itself, the audience declared it a draw with more than 170,000 responses recorded by Nine – but there were issues there too… Abo asked viewers to record their vote via the Nine News website, but many were unable to make a selection due to issues with the website. But if you’re asking about the substance of the debate, Nine’s newspaper journos gave the night to Albanese for better connecting his policies to ordinary people’s lives – particularly when it comes to managing cost of living pressures and the economy more broadly. Morrison did get his points across though… He says his opponents have announced “more reviews than policies”, and that Albanese is doing voters a disservice by “hiding in the bushes” and not clearly articulating what Labor would do if it wins office.


Well, don’t lose your debate mojo quite yet. Morrison and Albanese will face off again this week with Seven hosting the 3rd and final debate of the campaign – but not until after Big Brother is over at 9.10pm… The major party leaders’ pitches to voters are important because early voting centres open today, and it’s expected that as many as 40% of ballots will be cast before polling day. Who are they voting for? Dunno, but Labor has maintained it lead in the polls, according to 2 updated ones out this morning. The Australian’s Newspoll has Labor leading 54-46 on a 2-party preferred basis – a one point increase to Team Albanese. And the Financial Review’s Ipsos poll has Labor leading the Coalition 57-43 – that compares to 55-45 a fortnight ago. So hang onto you hat with 12 days of campaigning to go… 


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A trio of elections

Because too much election action is barely enough… 

  • Hong Kong’s ex-security chief John Lee has become the territory’s new leader, after a closed voting process where he was the only candidate. Known as a staunch Beijing supporter, he oversaw the violent crackdowns on pro-democracy activists in 2019. 
  • Sinn Féin has won the most seats (aka 27 of 90) in Northern Ireland’s Assembly for the first time. It’s an historic milestone for a party that was linked to the Irish Republican Army, a paramilitary group that used violence to try to reunify Ireland and rid the north of British rule. 
  • There will be 65 million Filipinos voting today for their next president. It’s expected Ferdinand Marcos Jr – the son of former dictator and namesake Marcos Snr – will replace outgoing hardman Rodrigo Duterte. Watch this space… 

World News

Mariupol steelworks is evacuated

There was some relief yesterday after it was confirmed that all elderly people, women and children have escaped the Azovstal steelworks in the besieged city of Mariupol. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the more than 300 civilians who were sheltering in the plant’s bunkers and tunnels were now out with help from the United Nations and Red Cross. Efforts are continuing to get the last of Ukraine’s military personnel out, he said. Capturing the city is important to the invaders because it would give them a land bridge from Crimea through the Donbas region to Russia. North of there, Russia has been accused of dropping a bomb on a school in Luhansk killing more than 60 people sheltering there. The region has been the scene of fierce fighting between Russia/allied separatist fighters and Ukrainian forces. With the war dragging into its 11th week, the west is wary that today marks ‘Victory Day’ in Russia, when its troops triumphed over Nazi Germany in WWII. Rumours are swirling that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use the occasion to ramp up of attacks in Ukraine.

World News

Daughter of missing Aussie woman reunited with family in Mexico

Adelynn Shanks is in the care of her uncle and grandmother in Mexico after her mother Tahnee was reported missing in Cancun early last week. The flag went up when the 2yo girl had been found alone outside a church hours from her home. Authorities on Mexico’s Caribbean coast have also issued a missing person alert for Jorge Aguirre Estudillo, Adelynn’s father. Reports say witnesses reckon it was him who left her at the church before running away. The Shanks’ family confirmed yesterday that they have the 2yo after Tahnee’s mother and brother flew in from Queensland. “Our immediate goal is to get Addy, her uncle and grandmother home safely as soon as possible,” they said. Tahnee’s brother Daniel said “I’m stuffed and I just want them back.” The family is now trying to get a passport sorted for the toddler with the assistance of the embassy in Mexico.

Australian News

Executives resign from Sydney’s Star casino

In the wake of allegations of money laundering, criminal infiltration and a corporate coverup at Star, 3 executives have resigned. That includes chief financial officer Harry Theodore, Sydney casino boss Greg Hawkins, and chief/risk officer Paula Martin. Former CEO Matt Bekier told the ongoing public inquiry run by the gaming regulator that he accepted that the issues raised at the inquiry suggested a “significant, systemic and cultural problem” at the venue that he oversaw for 8 years. The inquiry has heard a string of gobsmacking allegations, including that a member of the casino’s VIP team stole more than $13 million before “disappearing” in 2020. It also heard that a secret account was set up for Chinese junket operators to ‘wash’ dirty money through the casino. A class action has been filed on behalf of investors seeking compensation for misleading representations it made about compliance. Star Chairman John O’Neill and other executives are expected to appear before the inquiry this week.

Australian News Business & Finance Crime

Sherpa guide breaks his Everest record

Nepal’s Kami Rita Sherpa scaled Mount Everest for the 26th time over the weekend, breaking his own record for the most climbs of the world’s highest peak. He reached the 8,849m summit leading a group of 10 Sherpa climbers who fixed ropes along the route so that climbers can make the hazardous trip later this month. The group reached the summit on Saturday evening, which has its own hazards, including a greater risk of the weather deteriorating and climbers losing their way down. The 52yo first scaled the mountain in 1994 and has made the trip nearly every year since then. The climbing route he uses was pioneered by New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and his sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953. May is the peak season for climbing because it brings the best weather. This year, Nepal has issued 316 permits to climb, compared to 408 last year which was a record high.

Sport World News

Apropos of Nothing

An op-shop purchase of a heavy stone bust of a young man’s head has turned out to be more than a curio… Bought for $34.99 in Texas, it’s actually a Roman artefact from a couple of thousand years ago. Soon to be returned to Europe, the lucky shopper said ​​she thought she might have something special when she searched the internet and saw others in museums that looked “a lot like my guy.”

What to get a mama lion for Mother’s Day? Blood, milk, meat and cat food ice blocks. What a treat… 

Rich Strike has won the 148th Kentucky Derby, and any punters backing him also won big. Coming home with odds of 80-1, Rich Strike was only included in the race on Friday when another runner pulled out. “Lightening can strike,” said trainer Eric Reed. Words to live by…

Quirky News

Squiz the Day

Early voting opens in the 2022 federal election

The murder trial of former teacher/professional rugby league player Chris Dawson begins – Sydney

Company Results – Westpac

Philippine general election

Europe Day

Victory Day – Russia

Start of Australian Fashion Week (on until 13 May)

Anniversary of:
• the opening of the first Parliament of Australia (1901)
• the US becoming the first country to legalise the birth control pill (1960)
• Nelson Mandela becoming President of South Africa (1994)

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