/ 21 May 2024

Stop the slop


Experts now have a name for carelessly automated web pages and images being generated by artificial intelligence… They say ‘slop’ is the equivalent of spam – unwanted, AI-generated content that hasn’t been through any quality control. If you’re still unsure of what we’re talking about, these images of ‘Shrimp Jesus’ – aka a son of God/shrimp composite – might give you an idea… The goal of this type of clickbait is to replicate human-made content, draw search engine attention, and rake in advertising dollars. And it’s different to higher-quality AI-generated content because it generally won’t answer people’s questions or serve their needs – and that’s prompted Google and Meta to start cracking down. Don’t hold your breath – you might be seeing some interesting-looking wood carvings, pizza/cake photos and sand sculptures for a while yet…

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