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Australians will vote in a referendum on 14 October to decide if there should be amendments to the Constitution to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

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For a referendum to succeed, you need 2 things: 

  • a national majority of voters - so that is more than 50% of all Aussies voting ‘Yes’; 
  • and you need a majority of states - so at least 4 of the 6 states each need to record a ‘Yes’ vote of more than 50%.

A little quirk to note: voters in the ACT and the Northern Territory don’t count on that second front - their vote goes towards the national total…

Changing Australia’s Constitution is hard… Of the 44 referendums that have been held, 8 have been carried. 

In this podcast episode, we'll get across the basics of the referendum, the key arguments of the Yes and the No cases, and what happens next depending on the result.

Below we've outlined the main arguments of the 'Yes' and 'No' cases.

The 'Yes' Case

• Recognising Indigenous people in our Constitution is an important step towards reconciliation.

• A formal structure to ensure the government listens to their advice will deliver results for Indigenous people across critical areas like health, education and housing.

• The Voice will ensure Indigenous people have a better life and do what even good-intentioned governments have not been able to deliver in the past. 

• Governments have spent billions of dollars trying to improve outcomes for Indigenous Australians - and it hasn’t worked. This is the best chance to actually listen to Indigenous Australians - and that will lead to improvement.

The 'No' Case

• We don’t have enough detail on how the Voice would work. 

• Constitutional change is risky, and from what’s known of the proposal, there is the prospect of legal challenges that will disrupt the functioning of government.

• The issue is divisive and will “open the door for activists” who are seeking expensive reparations and compensation for what happened in the distant past.

• And it won’t help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because the Voice is more bureaucracy. There is already a National Indigenous Australians Agency which has 1,400 staff… and The Voice would be an unnecessary additional layer. 

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