/ 21 July 2021

Haiti settles the leadership question, for now

The power vacuum that was left in the wake of the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse will be filled by Ariel Henry. Interim leader Claude Joseph agreed to stand aside yesterday as pressure built to install Henry as PM, including from the US. Henry is a 71yo neurosurgeon who had been appointed PM just 2 days before Moïse’s murder. He says he will “lead the country for a short period of time until we can hold better elections,” and that’s expected to happen in 4-6 months. Pro-democracy activists had been agitating for Moïse’s removal over his conduct in office. They say whether it’s Henry or Joseph taking over, they’re Moïse men, and neither will allow a free or fair election. White House press sec Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden welcomed reports that “Haitian political actors are working together to determine a path forward.”

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