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We teamed up with VisitCanberra to encourage Squizers to plan a trip to our nation's capital. And as part of that, we got to sit down with Laurence Kain, the Co-founder of Capital Brewing Co. Not only is it one of Australia's biggest independent craft breweries, but it's also one of the first to gain B Corp and carbon neutral certification. We chatted about creating a purpose-driven business, what being B Corp means, and why Canberra is like no other city.
Listen to that chat here.


That's the burning question behind She Shapes History, a walking tour company based in Canberra. Their mission: to unearth the hidden stories of the women who have played a pivotal role in shaping Australia. We chatted with co-director Sita Sargeant about re-telling history, the fascinating Cold War saga of Aussie widows-turned-ASIO spies, and why she swapped a life of globetrotting for the charms of Canberra. You can listen to that chat here.

Kimberley Ohayon - The Pop Inn

Kimberley - VC

That many of the Squiz team have called Canberra home? We're big fans of our nation's capital, especially when it comes to its food and wine scene. To inspire Squizers to experience it firsthand, we sat down with Kimberley Ohayon from The Pop Inn. It's a pop-up wine bar that has grown into something more. Hear about that journey, why there's so much more to Canberra than you think, and her ultimate itinerary to explore the city here.

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