Election 22 / 23 April 2022

Ask The Squiz – Episode 2

A hung parliament, the path to politics, taking a look at the teams beyond the leaders, and a bit on the question of policy…

There’s a lot of talk about a hung parliament this election, Caitlin asks ‘Is a hung parliament that bad?’

Robert notes that he keeps hearing that “no-one smart ever enters politics”. He doesn’t necessarily agree with that, but he asks what is the typical career path for an MP and why would someone smart from outside the system give up a good job to run?

Hannah would like to know more about the ‘team’ that will form the government. She says she hears a lot about the leaders, but wants to know more about those who will hold key portfolios.

Lucila says she feels like both parties are very similar. And she wants to know about the significant differences between Labor and Coalition – so the Liberals and Nationals – that can influence a vote?

Sally is new to Australian politics so there’s a lot about this election that she needs to get her head around. She asks are there any books you’d recommend I read to learn more?

Links mentioned in the episode:

Get to know the parties, their policies, and have a poke around candidate profiles: Liberal Party, Labor Party, National Party, The Greens, Parliament House – APH

Want the quick pitch from Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese? Here are their closing statements from the leaders’ debate

Get your reading on with Australian Prime Ministers (edited by Michelle Grattan)

…and if you need the Anzac biccie recipe, it’s here.

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