/ 18 October 2023

The rise of eager eaters


Whether it’s a dinner party attendee or a toddler – or maybe you put your hand up – you’ve probably come across a fussy eater before. But a new UK study is less concerned with picky eaters than another group of kids… After surveying 995 parents and guardians of 3-5yos, they split kids into 4 groups of eaters: ‘avoidant’, ‘typical’, ‘happy’, and ‘avid’. Most of the group (44%) were considered ‘typical’ or ambivalent eaters, while 18% were ‘happy’ eaters who enjoyed food, and fussy eaters were the smallest group of the bunch at 16%. But researchers were concerned about the one in 5 kids (22%) classified as ‘avid’ eaters, meaning they ate quickly and didn’t respond to fullness cues – they said this group had the highest risk of becoming overweight. But something no one’s at risk of overeating is the world’s new hottest chilli. It’s said to cause cramps, if you like that kinda thing…

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